“The Hidden Me”

The topic for Headway U.K.’s ‘Brain Injury Week’ 16th – 22nd May 2022, is  ‘Hidden Disabilities’ – which can often occur after a brain injury.

Many of the symptoms of a brain injury are not always visible and when you are recovering, it can be hard to explain some of these to other people, particularly if these difficulties cannot be seen.

Stef, a client of Headway Hertfordshire has written a poem, to describe her experience of ‘The Hidden Me’, read it here: Stef’s Poem

Fraud and Scams

Our brilliant friends at Beacon, Hertfordshire’s Victim Care Centre, have put together a helpful summary of fraud and scams to raise awareness of all the different types of fraud. Please see their presentation so you know what to look out for.

Fraud and Scams information

An event to celebrate all unpaid carers in Hertfordshire

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