Sustaining a brain injury has a significant impact on life and can be overwhelming for both the person with the injury and their family members.


By providing a confidential, safe space to explore and facilitate uncomfortable or distressing feelings, our expert counsellors can help.


The right counselling can lead to improvements in relationships, solutions to specific problems, and decrease feelings of distress.


Here at Headway Hertfordshire, after we have received a completed referral form and have assessed the individual client and carer needs,  we may be able to match you with a trained counsellor who has a specialised knowledge and understanding of the affects of trauma and can provide unbiased, empathic and objective emotional support.

Counselling support will only be given as part of a package of our services, tailored to the case assessment of needs

Contact us to find out more. We will, of course, treat your enquiry in the strictest confidence.