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The HABIT Programme


HABIT - 'Helping Acquired Brain Injury Together'

What is the HABIT Programme?

HABIT is a group based programme which is run by Headway Hertfordshire - the Brain Injury Charity.  Groups are currently running in Hemel Hempstead, Stevenage, Ware and Watford. The groups meet every fortnight for 3 hours.  Groups are led by Registered Occupational Therapists, who specialise in the rehabilitation of Acquired Brain Injury.

HABIT is suitable for adults over 18 years, of working age, who have sustained an acquired brain injury and who would like to return to employment, volunteering, education or training. The programme provides advice, information and support for people following ABI, including Traumatic Brain Injury.  One to one support is also provided by the Occupational Therapist to work on specific goals with clients.  

What does HABIT aim to do?

The HABIT programme encourages members to identify their strengths and weaknesses and to set themselves 5 goals for the future.Using educational, cognitive and practical activities, the programme aims to help members achieve their goals.

The HABIT programme also helps members gain a better understanding of their brain injury and the associated problems and learn strategies to help overcome them.

The group format of the HABIT programme also provides a positive, interactive environment in which members can feel comfortable and supported by their peers.

What sort of activities are done?

Learning about the brain, how it works and recovery after a brain injury.

Learning about the various effects of brain injury.  Information and advice on strategies and tips are given to help people to overcome difficulties.

Working on skills such as writing, memory, concentration, problem solving, planning and speed of processing (depending on the individuals needs)

Therapeutic Games (e.g. computer exercises, Nintendo Wii,) and cooking activities, practical tasks.  

Group activities and discussion. Opportunities to meet and talk to others who understand and are 'in the same boat'.

Some activities and exercises can be provided to continue with at home, depending on individual need.

Advice and support with improving abilities, returning to work and starting new volunteering roles, hobbies and interests.  Help to achieve goals and make future plans.

Referrals should be made initially to Headway Hertfordshire, by contacting the main office on Tel: 0300-330-1455. A referral form can be then sent to you and once completed completed then emailed or posted to us.

Then, once the referral has been received, one of our Headway Herts Support Co-ordinators will carry out an initial assessment visit to meet person and, if eligible for the Habit Programme, a referral is then passed on to the Occupational Therapist (OT).

The OT will then carry out a comprehensive assessment with client, which will include identifying goals.

How HABIT helped Tom

At the age of 18, three years ago, Tom suffered the physical, cognitive and emotional effects of brain injury. Listen to his story and find out how the HABIT programme helped him regain his speech and get back into full-time employment.