Headway Hertfordshire - supporting people affected by brain injury

Services especially for Carers

When a family member has a brain injury it can put a great strain on the whole family unit. Tensions can arise, particularly when roles have to change and the dynamics of family life are put in turmoil.

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Barry Thorne fell from a roof and suffered a major head injury. Headway Hertfordshire not only helped him with his problems but his family's too. Listen to his story.


Headway Hertfordshire seeks to support carers in a number of ways, such as providing counselling and by giving them a break. We also provide a variety of workshops and courses for carers so that they can understand what has happened to their relative or friend and learn how to cope. Carers say they benefit greatly from our courses, the key one being

‘Understanding the brain’ - a three hour workshop run in conjunction with the NHS.


We also have Carers’ support groups and carers’ lunches and other social activities.