Headway Hertfordshire - supporting people affected by brain injury

Vision, Mission and Values


Our Vision  (What we want to become)

To be the support organisation of choice for all those affected by an acquired brain injury living in Hertfordshire

Our Mission

To promote awareness and understanding of all aspects of acquired brain injury and to provide information, support and services to people with an acquired brain injury, their families and carers in Hertfordshire.

Strategic Objectives (What we will do)

  • Increase awareness and understanding of brain injury and its effects
  • Provide information and support for people with acquired brain injuries, their relatives, carers and professionals.
  • Facilitate opportunities for rehabilitation and social integration of people with a brain injury.
  • Provide services to people with an acquired brain injury, their families and carers, and imporve their quality of life and independence for as long as they need it.

The 'hidden disability'

The one key thing about brain injury is that it cannot usually be seen. If you break your arm or smash your shoulder the injury can be seen and people can sympathise. But far from sympathising, people all too often make hurtful comments about slowness of speech, poor memory or someone's 'unusual behaviour', without understanding why they have these problems. No wonder brain injury is called the 'hidden disability.'

Those who have suffered brain injury are left frustrated and embarrassed and their friends and relatives often don't know which way to turn. A brain injury can happen suddenly, without warning, and lives have to be put on hold and aspirations set aside. Dreams may fade. But with Headway Hertfordshire you are not alone.

Keith Mcleod was in a road traffic accident in 2009 and has experienced hidden cognitive issues that others around him struggle to understand.  With the help of Headway Hertfordshire he and his family have learnt about his injury, and found techniques to overcome or adapt to the difficulties he faces in his daily life.

Listen to Keith's story to find out more.

Our aim

Our aim is to enable adults with brain injuries and their carers to cope with their life changes and move forward to achieve their best possible outcomes. We work with our clients at one of our centres, in their own home, or on the phone. We respond quickly and we work hard to meet the needs of our clients, whatever they are. If we feel there are needs Headway Hertfordshire cannot meet we signpost clients and carers to other statuary and voluntary organisations in Hertfordshire.  

Our core values


We will run Headway Hertfordshire as a sustainable charitable business, managing our finances and services responsibly and in the best interests of those who use our services.


We are approachable, friendly and offer a safe, comfortable community of support where people feel welcomed, accepted and understood.

Client focused

We deliver accessible, tailored services and respond to the clearly defined individual needs, circumstances and views of our clients and are primarily accountable to them.


We respond to our clients and colleagues as valued human beings, treating them with dignity and respect. Whilst we recognise each person as unique, we seek to promote equality of access in the wider community.