Headway Hertfordshire - supporting people affected by brain injury

Strategic Plan

Headway Hertfordshire’s Strategic Plan Summary 2018-2020

We aim to reach all those affected by brain injury in Hertfordshire, and to help them lead the best lives they can. We also aim to support people with other neurological conditions where we have the skills, knowledge and resources to do so effectively.

We have just launched our new strategy named 2020 Vision which sets Headway Hertfordshire the challenge to reach out and double the number of people affected by an acquired brain injury that we support by the end of 2020. This in turn will require us to double the revenue and resources we have to serve them and to develop and offer services that meet their needs.

We must be attractive to new investors and sponsors by showing them clearly the difference we make to people's lives who are affected by a brain injury

We will need to improve our visibility and awareness and become known as the organisation of choice in Hertfordshire for those with a brain injury seeking support, education and encouragement.

Our strategy will require more full time staff and the mobilisation of a larger group of dedicated volunteers.

We will also need to focus on having policies and procedures that meet known legislative changes and enhance our quality standards