Headway Hertfordshire - supporting people affected by brain injury

Our Trustees

Headway Hertfordshire's trustees use their skills and experience to set and monitor the strategic direction of the charity and they ensure the charity meets legislative requirements.

Adrian Laycock

We are pleased to announce that Headway Hertfordshire has appointed a new chair of trustees.

Adrian is a recently retired Banker with extensive experience in business growth, functional board level responsibilities, risk management, governance and regulation.  He has also served as a non-Executive Director with a community interest company and a charity that aligns enduring business success with economic, social and environmental factors.  It is this alignment of business and social factors and a keen desire to contribute in his local environment that represent principal drivers for Adrian.  He has lived in Hertfordshire for over 30 years and is currently involved in a small number of charitable roles.  He holds an MBA from Warwick University.

Jean Booth

Jean has recently retired from her post as a visiting lecturer in social work at the University of Hertfordshire.  She was the specialist social worker for ten years at the Community Head Injury Service in Aylesbury.  She provided the social work input to the assessment process and to rehabilitation programmes.  She also trained social workers and other working with families where a member had sustained a brain injury.  Subsequently, Jean was a brain injury case manager for a brain injury case management organisation.  She was a contributing author to Parker and Pritchard's 'Good Practice in Brain Injury Case Management' (2005) in which she wrote the chapter on Brain Injury and the Family.

Jean is keen to maintain her involvement with brain injury services and feels that she has experience which enables me to make a positive contribution to Headway Hertfordshire.


Fahim qualified in medicine from Pakistan in 1994, where he continued to work before moving to the UK in 2003. Since then, he has worked within the NHS throughout the country.  He was appointed to the Scottish National Training Scheme in Rehabilitation Medicine in 2008 and in January 2011 qualified in Rehabilitation Medicine.  Fahim finished his training by achieving a one-year fellowship in chronic pain in Glasgow.  He continued this practice by working from August – December 2012 as a Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine and Pain, before later moving to Cambridge to take up a consultant post in Rehabilitation Medicine.

'I am excited to be involved with Headway Hertfordshire.  I am clinical lead for trauma rehabilitation in Addenbrooke’s and my day to day job involves working with patients with severe traumatic head injury or complex orthopaedic trauma with or without head involvement.   Addenbrooke’s is a major trauma centre for the East of England and my trauma rehabilitation ward in Addenbrooke’s serves as gatekeeper for all the traumatic brain injuries of the region.  I have worked closely with Headway Hertfordshire during my rehabilitation training and as consultant in rehabilitation medicine in Addenbrooke’s and I believe that Headway Hertfordshire plays a vital role in supporting individuals and families following brain injury.  I feel that my experience of working with head injury individuals and providing rehabilitation for them could be beneficial to support the good work already in progress within Headway Hertfordshire.'

Bruce St. Leger

I have been in the service management industry for over 20 years, designing and implementing service improvement programs for large organisations.  As a local business owner as well as director for other organisations I fully understand the challenge with introduction of change and how it can impact organisations and, as importantly have learnt how to plan and implement it successfully.  I am really looking forward to my role with Headway Hertfordshire.  Headway Hertfordshire is a very important charity that makes a significant and positive difference to those impacted by life changing head injuries – I believe it will be tremendously rewarding to be able to make a positive contribution towards the services Headway Hertfordshire offer.



Andrew Zajac

Andrew is a solicitor at Slater and Gordon in Cambridge.  He has specialised in personal injury work since qualifying as a solicitor in 2006.  He acts on behalf of clients who have sustained serious and life-changing brain injuries.  He delivers clear legal advice in a way that clients understand.  He strives to achieve the best possible result for his clients.  Outside of work Andrew has a young family and enjoys playing and watching sports, particularly cricket and football, and walking with his dog.

‘My involvement with Headway North Herts, then Headway Hertfordshire started when I was a trainee solicitor at Taylor Vinters in 2004.  Over the years this has included helping to organise balls, attending and helping with social visits (most recently to the National Maritime Museum), co-ordinating our office Hats 4 Headway photographs and providing training to Headway Hertfordshire staff in relation to compensation claims.  I enjoy working with the Headway Hertfordshire team who I have always found to be welcoming, enthusiastic and passionate about the great work that they do.

Through my work and my involvement with Headway Hertfordshire I have seen the devastating effects that brain injury can have on a person and those around them.  The services provided by Headway Hertfordshire are such an important part of helping people to cope and to have fun.  I have seen so many people smiling and laughing on the few social trips that I have attended- for me this encapsulates a big part of what Headway Hertfordshire is about’.

Dr Linda Crawford - advisor to the board

Dr Crawford completed her doctoral training at the University of East Anglia. She has experience in a variety of clinical fields including paediatrics and learning disability, and has worked in research with the Medical Research Council. She has been with the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust for 10 years, her current role being Clinical Lead at Fen House, a 25 bed specialist residential rehabilitation unit for adults with an acquired or traumatic brain injury. Her special interest is in the area of service delivery and programme development for adults with acquired and traumatic brain injury, and evidence-based rehabilitation. She lectures on the University of East Anglia doctoral course. She also runs a successful outpatient service and conducts medico-legal and expert witness work. Linda is passionate about the work of Headway Hertfordshire and about the support it offers in the community

Chris Williamson

I had a brain tumour removed from the central nervous system in mid-2009. The operation was a success but left me paralysed with many other complications. I was introduced to Headway Hertfordshire in 2010 as a service user. I lost touch with Headway Hertfordshire until I re-joined one of their Peer Support groups in 2015. Whilst attending the Welwyn group I was informed of the opportunity to help Headway Hertfordshire by becoming a trustee. I said yes and have been adding a bit of service user insight into board meetings since.

I have had a very long journey of recovery lasting from 2009 and still going. I have seen a great number of GPs, consultants and professors of neurology who all remark on the recovery in a positive way. I believe that I can help people by my experiences of neuro surgery. It changes from being life changing in a bad way to life changing in a valued way. Ultimately being in a place where you have value and are valued is great.

We needn’t be 100% happy about our own worlds to have a positive influence for the greater good. Headway Hertfordshire has offered me the opportunity to express this idea in reality rather than the philosophical seed that it was.

Vincent Molloy

Vincent has spent a long career in financial services, more recently within the spheres of corporate and investment banking. He has wide experience including marketing, credit management, audit and operational risk management. Having spent many years commuting to The City from Hertfordshire Vincent was keen to use his experience to the benefit of locally based charitable groups and involvement with Headway Hertfordshire provides the opportunity to help ensure that the organisation has a clear financial and regulatory focus. He is also involved with two other Hertfordshire based charities.