Headway Hertfordshire - supporting people affected by brain injury

Our Staff

Our team covers all the disciplines required for supporting people affected by an ABI.

John Archer


John Archer

Headway Hertfordshire Trustees are pleased to announce that they have appointed John Archer as the new Chief Executive Officer. John is an experienced charity leader who has been in charge of an organisation helping young homeless people in Luton for the past six years. Before joining the charity world, John had an international career in business acquisition and automotive technology. We are sure that after a short hand-over John will soon be driving Headway forward. John has met many of our clients, carers and volunteers during his first few weeks and is looking forward to the challenge of leading Headway on to a bright future.     



Annette and Sarah

Annette and Sarah work as Occupational Therapists and run Headway Hertfordshire's HABIT programme across the county.  Annette and Sarah work closely with clients who are hoping to return to some form of employment training, voluntary work or other meaningful activity.  They run the programme in Welwyn, Watford, Dacorum, East Herts and Stevenage.  The HABIT programme focuses on understanding the effects of Brain Injury e.g. fatigue, memory difficulties and dealing with stress and practical cognitive rehabilitation exercises.  Both Annette and Sarah say they really enjoy working with individual clients to help them to reach their goals and regain their independence, 'it is rewarding to see clients progress and achieve their goals.'


Jo Whittle & Pauline Gentle

Jo & Pauline are local support coordinators and Jo is also our volunteer coordinator. Our coordinators work in allocated areas within the county. Their role is to take initial referrals, make home visits and assess clients’ needs. They provide information, advice, support to access other services and advocacy.  They help clients set and achieve their individual goals.

Jo & Pauline run peer support groups, carers support groups and training sessions for clients and carers.

Pat and Christine

Pat and Christine provide free counselling for clients and carers affected by brain injury.

Rachael Hagland  – Paid Representative

Rachael has a BSc (hons) in Forensic Science with Psychology which she obtained at London South Bank University. Since leaving University Rachael has been involved in the voluntary sector supporting a variety of people with a number of issues, including; substance misuse, child protection, housing and complaints. The purpose of the paid representative role is to provide an independent paid representative service to any adult aged over 18 identified as requiring one by the Supervisory Bodies of Hertfordshire. Rachael achieves this by maintaining regular contact with her clients so that she is in an appropriate position to represent them whenever necessary.


Steph Sykes - Community Advocate

Provides help and support to our clients with any issues they may be struggling with, where they feel that their voice is not being heard. This could range from how to effectively communicate their feelings and needs to a family member or carer, to supporting them to challenge decisions made by organisations or authorities, either informally through letters or meetings or via the formal procedures such as NHS Complaints.

Steph Sykes has worked for 13 years as a Family Mediator and also has a background in Human Resources. She joined Headway in November 2015 to work as part of an exciting new partnership with POhWER, working closely with the Headway Hertfordshire Team to develop and provide a new Advocacy Service for Headway.



Susan Murphy

Susan is our Office and Finance Manager and has been with Headway since 2013. She has an accounting background and works with numerous charities across Hertfordshire. She manages the office and provides key, timely information and support to service users, clinical professionals, staff and funders. Her financial role is vital as it ensures that our income and expenditure is robustly monitored and regularly provides reports to our Board of Trustees and Funders. This ensures maximum benefits for our service users.